Greater Realness Church Consecration 2017

Consecration is the act of setting oneself apart from the world to become dedicated as an instrument of righteousness for the purposes of God.  Fasting is a voluntary abstinence and restriction of food and/or activities for a specified period of time to devote ourselves to prayer and Bible reading. It is a means of seeking God by denying the physical in order to focus on the spiritual. Fasting without praying and Bible reading is simply just skipping a meal.

Who should NOT fast?

If you are medically unable to fast or abstain from the prescribed food and beverage, then find something else you enjoy doing and choose to fast from that - television, social networking sites, etc. Children may choose to participate in a limited-fast under supervision of parents.

What do WE WANT from this consecration?
              a.  Better HEAR from God
              b.  Break SINFUL habits
              c.  Develop HUMILITY
              d.  Intensify WORSHiP and PRAYER
              e.  Remove DOUBT and UNBELIEF
              f.   Bring REVIVAL to church
              g.  Increase SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY

The fast will begin on January 2nd and END on Jan 22nd

Monday           2nd -  12am to 7pm    Corporate Prayer 6:30pm

Tuesday          3rd  -  12am to 3pm

Wednesday    4th  -  12am to 12pm

Thursday        5th -  12am to 3pm

Friday             6th  - 12am to 5pm

Saturday        7th  - 12am to 12pm

Sunday          8th  - 12am to 1pm    Sunday Night Worship    6:30pm

Monday         9th  -  12am to 3pm

Tuesday         10th  - 12am to 9pm

Wednesday   11th  - 12am to 3pm

Thursday       12th - 12am to 12pm

Friday            13th - 12am to 5pm

Saturday       14th - 12am to 1pm      777 Prayer 

Sunday         15th  - 12am to 1pm    WOW Night Worship   6:30pm

Monday         16th - 12am to 7pm     Corporate Prayer 6:30pm

Tuesday        17th  - 12am to 5pm

Wednesday  18th  - 12am to 3pm

Thursday     19th  - 12am to 1pm

Friday          20th -  9pm to 9pm

Saturday      21st  - 12am to 1pm

Sunday        22nd - 12am to 1pm    Sunday Night Worship   6:30pm

*Saturday    28th  -  777 Prayer
*Sunday       29th -  District Fellowship Worship
*Monday      30th  - Corporate Prayer  6:30pm